Attractive Tourism Object & Uniqueness of Bali Tradition

Indonesia is a country with tons of culture and traditions. Bali as one of the islands of Indonesia is one of the thousand colors that fulfill Indonesia. It is valuable to see and even included in the Bali tradition when you are exploring Bali. Most of the traditions are not done in a day. It is only hold once a year. You can go see those rare events in the special time. As the proper solution you can contact the worth Bali tour driver and guide as the assistants. They will show you the place as well as the right time to enjoy all the traditions or ceremony.

Let’s start with Mekotek. It is a special Bali tradition ceremony which is held in the Badung regency of Bali. If you are ever seeing Ogoh-ogoh, they are hold near the Nyepi day. It is different with Mekotek, because it is hold near the Kuningan days. For youth information, Kuningan is one of the religious days for the Buddhist. This is an event which is in the form of party. It is a kind of welcome party that is done for the king that win the war.

The progress of welcome party is completed by the stick playing. These sticks are made of wood that creates “tek” voice. That is the reason why the ceremony is called as Mekotek. To enjoy this attraction, you can go after done enjoying Tanah Lot or Kuta because the location is nearby. In the other countries, you might experiencing the Mud Wash or take a bath using the Mud. It is such a disgusting activity, however it is so fun. In Balo tradition, you will have the same thing; however it this Bali tradition called as Mesabatan Endut. It has special timing to be done. The whole process of ceremony are also representing specific message.

This is a ceremony where the people are throwing the mud each other.  The mud will be thrown by the man for the girl. There are 8 man throws 6 girls. It is done to give the education that the man who is older should educate and give many positive attitudes for the girls as the leader. They are also need to be brave with the dirt that they face along the process of educating the girls. All the ceremony of Bali tradition is giving proper message to the entire visitor. It is all done to keep the balance of life in the island.

If you want something special and related to fire, you can try the ceremony of Lukat Geni. This type of ceremony is also called as war of fire. This is held by the origins of Puri Satria Kawan, Klungkung regency of Bali. It is done once a year and the purpose is to let the human negative minds through fire. Hopefully it can neutralize negative atmosphere around. To ensure you arrive here in a time, ask Bali Chauffeur as the Bali tour driver and guide. They are pretty professionals and are also customer satisfactory oriented.

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