Balinese mask dance

Traditional Balinese dances would be the earliest type of carrying out arts in Bali. The reason may be as leisure, in order to be carried out in certain ritual events if the strong magical forces the dance has, or carried out in social occasions.

Tari Topeng or Mask Dances in Bali are sacred. This dance is generally carried out with a single dancer or several male ballroom dancers in large events occasion. The objective of this dance would be to tell the crowd concerning the historic background of why a ceremony should be held in order to deliver Hinduism knowledge through simple conversation among ballroom dancers. This dance also thought could safeguard ceremony from evil items in the way. The famous sacred Mask Dance is Topeng Pajegan.

Topeng dance is really a dance with performed by utilizing mask or topeng, the term topeng is essentially originated from the term tup meaning tutup or closed therefore it grew to become topeng so it means closed or mask. The histories of topeng is come in 818 caka or 896 century which found written source in prasati Bebetin over time where Ugrasena grew to become a king. You will find two kind of topeng dance first is Topeng Tari Wali and the second is Topeng Pajengan but essentially the topeng dance is function connect with religious ceremonial within the temple or outdoors the temple like Manusa Yadnya, and Pitra Yadnya.

The dancer of topeng dance are outfitted with Balinese traditional clot like putting on sarong prada, badong, gelang kana saput prada, kancut putih and destar or udeng. Before playing topeng character all of the dancer is pray within the back stage so it call banten Ngungkab Langse they pray to god Ida Sang Hyang Widi Wasa to ensure that the shows is achievements.

In Bali, discover the Mask is really easy, as with Sukawati art market in Gianyar regency near Ubud. You will find many type of Balinese mask however the mask isn’t sacred check here. Too many mask carver around UBUD village, you can find the mask what you would like and when you need to finding out how to dance Topeng or mask dance you will find many art organization known as Sanggar Tari and you may learn there.


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  1. Music, dance and drama are all closely related in Bali; in fact drama and dance are synonymous. The most important thing about Balinese dances, however, is that they’re fun and accessible. Balinese dances are not hard to find; there are dances virtually every night at all the tourist centers.

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