Exploring Bali Tourism Attraction with Professional Driver and Tour Guide

Bali is always interesting with its natural tourist’s entire destination. They are not only comes in nature forms. They are also wrapped by using the high sense of cultural. These aspects make the islands I beautiful like no other. Planning the travel schedule to Bali is very worth. You will get many Bali tourism attraction all around the islands. It is not only about the beautiful beach, you can even visit the other places that are interesting and unpredictable. The special events are also become the best choice for you. Before you are selecting the proper Bali tour driver and guide and destination to go, here are some places to note.

To improve the sensation of culture and even religious atmosphere, you can pick some Pura or temple as one of the Bali tourism attraction to visit. One of them is called Uluwatu temple. This temple is also called as the Pura Luhur. As one of the most attractive religious place for Hinduism, this place is really calm and peaceful. It is placed directly near the beach. It means that you can see the temple as well as the beach for sure. All these perfect combination can be visited with the help of guide.

If you are interesting with the religious travel experience, pura Tanah Lot can also be your next destination for the Bali tourism attraction. This is the pura which is placed around the beach. With the special nature texture, you can visit the pura when the sea water is going down. However when it comes to the afternoon, the water will comes up and makes you impossible to reach the pura. It is not a hard thing to go there. You can combine this destination with the other spots that are located near the Tanah Lot.

Have you ever seen the temple which is placed in the middle of the lake? If you never see that, you have to go to Pura Ulun Danu Bratan. This can be said as one of the awesome Bali tourism attraction. It brings the special design of temple and purely located in the middle of the lake. To go there, you can use the traditional boat. In the other occasion, you can also hire boat as the fastest way to go there. The view is very beautiful because you will be surrounded by the green hills and some fog that makes your day more impressive.

Beside the presence of the beautiful beach, high amount of culture can also be the impressive aspects for Bali. You can bring yourself to Ubud. Many people saying that this is the place where the art of Bali is exists. The nature is very peaceful, that is why many artists are living here to improve their creativity. To choose the right Bali tour driver and guide, you can select Bali Chauffeur as your one and only choice. It is a company that works professionally to satisfy all the consumers when they are visiting Bali. The reviews are always good and will never make you disappointed.

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