The 3 Best Authentic Places in Bali

The 3 Best Authentic Places in Bali

Authentic places in Bali are probably things you eagerly look for. There are several places that I consider as the authentic spots in this island. But if heard the name of Bali, what things came in your mind? Surfing is one of the best things you can do in Bali. Binges of heavy drinking as well as over-crowded souvenir shops could be the next things too. The other is the luxurious beach resorts for vacation. But you should know that there are still many places that offer the “real” Bali.

In this article I will show you several authentic places you can visit when you have holiday in Bali.

Amed village

Well, Amed is coastal region that offers charming beach and steep headlands. This place is located on the northeast coast of Bali. You will see the farming and fishing village that are very thick with the traditional sense. Generally, there are many resorts developed in Amed but they are well-blended with the traditional living rather than taking over the place.

This place is really suitable to enjoy the nature and relaxing. You can do snorkeling and diving as well as fishing and sailing. Some people also do yoga at the beach.

Hot spring in the jungle

Hot spring is so relaxing. But what if the hot spring is located in the forest or jungle? It must be very wonderful and Bali has this great venue you should visit. It is located in the mountainside in the location of tropical forest which still has a lot of trees in it. The forest is also near the Banjar village which is so tiny and small. The village is located near Lovina beach for about 10 km to the west. You will see several large pools made of stone at the garden right under the jungle.

If you do not like the public pool, you can try the private ones from spa and massage salon. You can relax in the Jacuzzi under the trees after all.


If you like the hiking and tracking the mountains and admiring the natures along the ridges and rice fields, Munduk is the best place you should consider. This place is located in north central Bali and kind of the mountain village that is suitable for retreat. There are many option of hiking you can choose and this is also the end of the best 3 authentic places in Bali.

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