Tips for Hiring Chauffeur Francophone in Bali

Tips for Hiring Chauffeur Francophone in Bali

Chauffeur francophone is the French of French speaking driver. Well, if you are from French or prefer French rather than English, you better hire the French speaking driver. You can search through the internet or ask for recommendation from your friends.  But basically there are several basic things you can consider before hiring any driver no matter they speak French or not.

So, since there are so many companies that offer tour and travel service as well as the driver, you better get the right one. And in this article I will give you tips before hiring the driver for your holiday in Bali.

Be clear

It is important to be clear to the tour and travel company about everything especially related to the time, the itinerary, and also the destination you want to visit. It will be great if you already know the destination you want to visit and how long you want to stay at the destination then you have to say it to the driver. If all things are clear, it will be good for both of you and the driver.

If you do not know your plan it can make confusion both for you and the driver. It cannot also be denied if you will get disappointed too since the driver will decide the itinerary.

Make sure the price is suitable for you

All companies of tour and travel will claim that they offer competitive price. Before you choose one of them, it is better to ask around the price first. As I have said earlier, you can search around on the internet and read the internet review too. Internet review will help a lot especially if you are going to hire the French speaking driver from trusted company.

Or, you can ask for the recommendation from other travelers. The thing is you should make it clear about the price before finally hire the driver.

Know what you pay for

It seems possible if a driver gives different rate to another. Based on the review, you better know what you pay for especially once a driver already said the price. Does it already cover the gas and trip too? Or does it already cover the fee for entering the destination like temple or anything? Some of them also do not do tipping, so asking is the best way. As I have said, you should be clear about everything before hiring chauffeur francophone.

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